Saint-Léon of Westmount Church

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4311 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West, Westmount
Tel.: (514) 935-4950

For more information, please visit the Saint-Léon of Westmount parish website.

Discover Saint-Léon of Westmount Church
An exceptional site with a history and a tradition

The magnificent decor of Saint-Léon Church features exceptional frescoes and stained-glass windows; marble, wood and bronze furniture sumptuously sculpted; and pietra dura marble wall panels, artistic jewels in their own right. These characteristics, along with the fact that the undertaking was achieved and designed entirely by artist Guido Nincheri, make Saint-Léon Church unique in Canada, and possibly in North America. Recognition of this church may perhaps exceed the expectations of the architect behind this great achievement, Father Oscar Gauthier. Saint-Léon’s artisans have handed down more than beautiful works of art: they have left as heritage a reference monument, a witness, a site of exception, a history and a tradition.

This visit includes 22 audio stops. Please click on the button in the right-hand corner at the top of this page to download the file containing the podcast. You can then transfer the file to your portable MP3 player.

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Enjoy your visit!

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Saint-Léon of Westmount Church is accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

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The hearing-impaired can download the complete text of the podcast.

Credits and acknowledgement

Project coordination :
Stéphanie Chaumont, Project Manager, Conseil du patrimoine religieux du Québec

Research and writing:
Valérie Couet-Lannes, M.A. and photographer

We would like to express our sincere thanks to our generous collaborators:
L’abbé Yves Guillemette
Pierre Paré, animator and tour guide of Saint-Léon of Westmount Church
Pierre G. Patenaude, Secretary of church council
Louis Brillant, L’Étude Louis Brillant, architect
Paul Racine, art historian
Roger Nincheri

Audio recording and production: Anne-Marie Dupras
Voice : Jocelyne Denault (narrator)

Pierre G. Patenaude

Linguistic revision:
Janet Brownlee

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